Amazing performance at Butt St-Jacques

On September 26th, The Garlics opened for the band NEM at the venue La Butte St-Jacques in the Old Montreal. It really was a great show and the band had a real connection with the audience. People were excited about the new songs played by the Garlics and also by great singles such as Sting Of A Dart. The four members showed an intense presence on stage and gave us a memorable concert!

The Garlics at la relève de Thetford Mines Festival

On Saturday, August 22nd, The Garlics participated at the large event, “Le Festival Promutuel de la Relève de Thetford Mines.” The festival featured performances by KAMAKAZI, EXTERIO, and DJ Champion. The Garlics was present for the “Clic ton band” CHOI Radio X night on the Canatal Industries stage, where they shared their passion for rock music with other finalists of the big Quebec contest “Clictonband.” This exposure allowed music fans to discover new bands and artists in the region’s underground scene. The Garlics thanks everybody who joined them at this fun-filled event!

Four new singles to discover!

The emerging Montreal band, The Garlics, have released four new singles, which fans have been eagerly waiting for, and the titles are Going Down, Feel Alive, Blame It All On You, and Sting of a Dart. The four singles are now available for download on their Underground Musix artist profile. Fans can also purchase their album that includes all of their singles to date.

New website for The Garlics

A brand new design for a brand new band, and the term “eye-catching” is an understatement. All multi-instrumentalists, these young Quebec musicians master guitar, bass, drums, violin, flute, trombone, and keyboard; quite an impressive range of instruments. Singing and writing in English, The Garlics are holding nothing back. With their catchy melodies and amazing stage presence, this band is bound for great success so try to keep up with them!