Who is May Wells

A finalist with her group the Garlics on MusiquePlus’s 2011 edition of Houseband Recherché, May Wells quickly took to the art of composing and producing original material. With the Garlics, she put out three albums and six radio tracks that were well received by Quebec radio stations and aired as far afield as France, Switzerland and Belgium (with a track even making it to the waves of Virgin Radio France). After playing WE Day Montreal 2015, the Garlics scored another triumph as the opening act for Simple Plan. Leaving a trail of successes and fans behind them, The Garlics split, May is now ready to achieve new goals with her own music. She’s now introducing herself to the world as May Wells, and you can bet that you’ll be hearing more about her in the future.

May Wells in numbers (as of March 1, 2017)

Social Media

Facebook: More than 7,670 likes
Twitter: More than 2,070 followers
YouTube: More than 1,800 subscribers 
and 935,000 channel views
Instagram: More than 820 followers


Official Music Videos

“We All Want Love” — 111,424 views
“La vie est si courte” (France) — 94,774 views
“Vivre pour cet instant” (Quebec) — 86,036 views
“Hey Pretty Face” — 55,214 views
“Sleep Tonight” (live video) — 41,898 views
“Tout ce que t’es pour moi” ft. Amasic — 32,302 views
“Say Goodbye” (English version) — 20,922 views
“Goodbye” — 18,004 views
“Burning Bridges” — 15,558 views
“La dernière” — 14,325 views
“Without You” — 14,105 views
“Say Goodbye” (French/English version) — 12,042 views